AaaSoC: Awesomeness and a Slice of Cheese is a comic set in the seaside town of Torquay in England. It revolves around the adventures of Nevada Charleston, Lau Pearson and their many friends. This comic tries to be funny, and often roams into the realms of soap opera and sci-fi with its crazy storylines.

What the hell is going on? This comic makes no sense!
You're probably asking this question because you've started reading during one of AaaSoC's many convoluted storylines. The only way to understand what is going on is to start from the beginning. Read through the archives and eventually, things will start to make sense. Not everything... just things.

Okay, so I've started reading from the beginning. Why do the first comics look so bad?
Because I started this comic for the hell of it. A friend had ran out of decent webcomics to read, and for a joke I offered to make one for him. It inspired this magnificent piece of comic genius. My friend then jokingly told me to get a Keenspace (which would later become ComicGen) account. And I actually went and did it, putting a comic together in a very short period of time. That would be the first strip. As time went by, I began to take AaaSoC much more seriously, developed my artistic and general comicky skills, and that is how I went from this to this.

Why do you keep inserting yourself into the comic?
In actuality, I used to, but not anymore, and that was really only in filler comics (unless you include this story comic). I wanted to purge the archives of the fillers because they are quite frankly embarrassing, but my readers insisted I keep them in. Maybe one day I will make a special filler archive, in the style of a certain Dan Shive.

How do you make AaaSoC?
With pixie dust and the blood of a thousand virgins.

C'mon, seriously.
Oh, fine. But I warn you, it is none too posh nor artistic. I use simple A4 printer paper (because I can get a lot of it for little money) and sketch up the basic idea with my universally-used Uniball Eye Needle-Point 0.7 Fine pen. Then I take another piece of paper and trace over that with the same pen for inking. Unprofessional, huh? Well pardon me, but I have neither a decent eraser for rubbing out pencil lines, nor do I have a special blue pencil for that crazy scan-invisible pencilling. I'm poor and they don't sell any decent art materials such as that where I live (or as far as I've looked). I then scan the comic, border it on MS Paint, and colour/shade on Adobe Photoshop 7.0. This is also where I make the speech bubbles and dialogue. AND THAT IS HOW IT IS DONE.

That's a pretty lame way of making a comic.
Yeah, but beats making it out of sprites. *rimshot*

What's Chaz & Kim?
You mean this? A failed attempt at having another storyline run through the already-complex AaaSoC universe, and was thus a BAD IDEA. I only made the one comic because not only am I lazy, but I realised what a dumb idea it was early on. Whether or not I implement anything from this particular arc into future comics remains to be seen. Y'all just better keep on reading.

Year of the Rat is the most confusing, poorly-structured and generally schizophrenic combination of writing and art I have ever seen in a comic.
Why, thank you.


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