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Name: Nev Charleston
D.O.B: 12th October, 1984
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 152lbs
Hometown: Torquay, England
Occupation: Former college student
Bio: Nev, or Nevada as is his full name, is an adopted young adult from Torquay, England. His parents are Felicity and Thomas Greengrass, a married couple who picked him up when he was very young. He has grown up as a paranoid, superstitious, cowardly nerd. Although he is quite bright, his laziness forced him to drop out of college. He has a massive love for professional wrestling. Although it is a dream he is sure he will never achieve, he has long desired to become a pro wrestler himself. This is what inspired him to join the freestyle wrestling classes at Reffel Gym, taught by Coach Simon Cherrik. Being afraid of confrontation and exceptionally weedy, all he has is his speed and occasionally lightning-fast reflexes to rely on when facing off against somebody on the mat. It was in these classes that he met a girl named Laura Pearson…
Name: Lau Pearson
D.O.B: 30th May, 1982
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150lbs
Hometown: Torquay, England
Occupation: None
Bio: Lau's history? She doesn't like to talk about it. All she has mentioned is that she has been trained in multiple martial arts, including judo, karate and taekwondo. Whatever the case, she found herself squatting at the Greengrass household after befriending Nev, due to her residence at the time being "uninhabitable", as she said herself. From then on, the feisty Lau would act as something of a bodyguard to Nev, and a big sister. She is often dry and cynical, and tires of stupidity awfully quick. She is a big fan of wrestling like Nev, though, even if she finds the portrayal of women in it to be sickening. Lau is never afraid to start a fight, and when she does, she'll kick ass, and do it in style.
Name: Melanie Riggs
D.O.B: 12th July, 1982
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 142lbs
Hometown: Torquay, England
Occupation: Cinema attendant
Bio: Melanie was a great student. Under the urging of her enthusiastic parents, she learned as much as humanly possible in school in hope of being successful like them. Granted, her mother was a local actress, but her father worked for the government. Unfortunately, her grades began to slip when adolescence arrived. Melanie mixed with the wrong crowd, and got distracted by social pleasures. She was known through the whole of Torquay town, but failed almost all of her GCSEs. Her parents were disappointed, but eventually Melanie lost interest in the townsfolk and realised her mistake. She now plans on going to college in hope of salvaging her education, and works at Kestrel Cinema in hope of raising enough money for that. From her time fooling around in the streets, Melanie began to develop a vicious temperament, and a hatred for chauvinistic males, which she would share with Lau. And soon enough, Melanie would develop an unexplainable attraction to Nev…
Name: Amber Cloverleaf
D.O.B: 9th April, 1983
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 145lbs
Hometown: Victoria, Texas
Occupation: None
Bio: Amber is the only organic child of Tex Cloverleaf. She is a playful, exuberant girl who loves to draw, dance, and generally fool around. In actuality she is deceptively clever, and did well in her private high school, but this doesn't stop her from being absent-minded and a little ditzy from time to time. When around friends, she tends to let loose and generally act as silly as possible for the fun of it. This is especially common when she gets her hands on honey, which is her absolute favourite food and perhaps favourite single thing in the whole world. She loves sugar highs, and also loves to nap when she comes down from them. She loves her android brother, Max, but does tire of his ego.
Name: Max Cloverleaf
D.O.B: 8th April, 2001
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175lbs
Hometown: Victoria, Texas
Occupation: Android
Bio: Max was built the day before Amber's 18th birthday by Ratsup. He is Ratsup's most humanoid android to date, who has been designed to be the closest thing to a son Tex could have. Tex commissioned Ratsup to make him as both a male heir and an older brother to protect Amber. To ensure the droid was as Cloverleaf-like as possible, Ratsup performed a personality scan on Tex and attempted to port elements of his personality to Max's artificial brain. As a result of this, Max gained an enormous ego, similar to that of his father's. Unfortunately, somewhere along the construction process Ratsup crossed a few wires that he shouldn't have, and the copper-haired sentient began to develop an uncontrollable lust for human women. It didn't help that Ratsup created a faux blood supply and simulated sexual organs that it would be pumped into, as well. Max seems to therefore believe he is the sexiest being on the entire planet, and tries to seduce any woman he can, but to no avail. Also, as well as sharing elements of Tex's personality, he has acquired all of his wrestling skills, making him a formidable force on the mat.
Name: Ratsup McRiley
D.O.B: 20th December, 1983
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 187lbs
Hometown: New York, New York
Occupation: Robotics Expert/Engineer
Bio: Ratsup was born Ronald McRiley, earning his nickname from an amusing accident of his in high school involving lab animals and a large pack of condiments. Ratsup was always a keen fan of sci-fi shows on television, and became fascinated with robots from a young age. He stormed through science classes in school, and would regularly rent thick tomes on robotics from the library. Eventually he applied his knowledge to small projects like electronic hairbrushes, and automatic lighters. Over time, he shared his knowledge with like-minded students of his age, and as he approached his teenage years, group collaborations between he and his group would see creation of simple robots that would follow remote control commands. And much later on, he secretly created a small band of sentient androids, sharing his inventions with all but a few friends. After graduating high school, he planned on seeking further education. However, he was approached by Tex Cloverleaf, who promised him the opportunity to create far more sophisticated machines by supplying him with all the goods he needed to do so, and even pay him for it! The only catch was that he would have to take on commissions of Tex's bidding. Ratsup took up this job in an instant, and would work at Tex's lab for many years.

More characters to be added later.

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